Worship Training

Worship Training

"We are committed to the training of worship leaders and teams anywhere on the planet and will do whatever it takes to make it work for your community, your church, your people!"
- Wayne and Libby

With over 25 years of experience leading worship in groups and churches of every size to large international festivals, these guys can help you from top to bottom. They are worship pastors at Equippers Church Auckland (their home of 20 years), so they bring with them solid biblical teaching, fresh revelation, heart felt inspiration and challenge, worship team leadership and dynamics, music and vocal production, arrangement, improvisation, prophetic and spontaneous worship, on stage communication, performance coaching right down to skills in audio production and equipment.

Wayne is a producer / arranger by trade, Libby a vocal coach and both are gifted teachers / preachers that carry a powerful mantle of authority in NZ and overseas for worship.

How can we help you and your team take that step to the next level?

1 - We can come to you!

See our invite form here

2 - You can take a look at our store for training resources

3 - You can consider attending Equippers Church School of Creative Arts

4 - NZ Worship Network

5 - Phone or skype

Costs - Basically we try as hard as possible to work within your budget while trying to survive ourselves to help another church tomorrow! Please contact us and as we work out your needs we work out a price that works for all.